Do you want sell you property in Miami for only 1,9%?


Did you know that we have the best program in South Florida to sell your property?

At Ocean View Int’l Realty we help you sell your property with only 1.9% commission. If we create it! you will not have to pay us 6%. We created this great program to help you save a lot of money. The worry of delaying selling your property or paying high commissions can be removed. We are available to list your property in the best online platforms where your property will be seen by millions of buyers from all United States of America, also many realtors will be offering it to their potential clients.

Call us today and let me explain how it works!

Who will help you to Sell you home?

Yani Realtor
Yani Querol – Real Estate Associate
Orestes Cruz – Senior Loan Officer

Jennifer Arganaraz
Business Development Manager
Armando Diaz – Broker Owner

Our Services

  • Professional Photographer
  • Inspector
  • Agents specializing in the purchase service
  • Local market coordinator
  • Administrative Auxiliaries
  • Broker (Armando Diaz with more than 45 years of experience)
  • Open House Coordinator
  • Lender Company – We never present a contract without prior approval
  • Title Company
  • Never ask you for a price reduction on your property

We offer the highest efficiency in the process of selling, buying or renting your property. We have a team of professionals dedicated to providing the best service to our clients.

Frequent questions:

Is very important at the time of hiring an agent, to find out about your marketing plan and to analyze if your strategy is viable. Here are some questions you should ask in the interview with your Real Estate agent:

1- How can I establish the correct price of my property? 

2- What is the marketing value of my property according to CMA? 

3- What is the marketing plan to sell my property?   

The Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) shows the market value of homes similar to yours that have recently been sold. To establish the correct price of your property, it is necessary to be aware of this information and other factors. Will be taken into account, such as: renovations carried out on the property, if you have new appliances, the conditions of the house according to the inspection, among others. In this way a reasonable price of your property is established to achieve a successful sale, because your Real Estate agent, according to the information above, must submit a specific marketing according to the type of property.

4- Which is the frequency that you should contact your real estate agent?

This depends on the ones you have initially agreed upon. It can be daily, weekly or biweekly. We will keep you informed of all agent visits to your property. These are the most frequent doubts that our owners face when deciding to sell their property, with a correct orientation we guarantee a successful transition.

Sell you property for only 1.9%
Vendemos su Proiedad en Miami

What will we do for you?

1st WEEK:

Taking professional photos of the property. List the property in the MLS. Placing a sign in the garden of the property (for sale). Preparation of a property brochure. Presentation of the property with photos on Real Estate websites.

2nd WEEK:

Invitation to local realtors. Preparation and placement of print ads and online media. Preparation and distribution of a postcard owned by “Just with your Listed” to all nearby communities.

3rd WEEK:

Distribution of “Open House” notice to neighbors and publication in different social networks. Preparation and distribution of special “Open House” brochure. Realization of “Open House”.

4th WEEK:

Preparation and distribution of special brochure for the second “Open House”. Realization of the second “Open House”. Pre-approval of potential buyers. Presentation of all offers with pre-approval and recommendation of counter offer strategies. Obtaining a contract at an acceptable price for your property.

One of the fundamental parts of the marketing plan:

Is the exposure of the property that is for sale on social networks and digital platforms:

1- Realtor 3- Zillow
2- Trulia  

Proxio Pro Network:

With more than 2 million agents, when your property is listed with us, your residence will be exposed nationally within the United States and internationally through PROXIO PRO in more than 135 countries.

  • worldwideproperties with a network of more than  2 million agents and brokers.  Your residence will be immediately commercialized in our International Referral Network in 20 different languages, the information of your residence will be available in the language spoken by the buyer.

General Rules: Are two types of factors to consider when determining the price of the houses:

Factors of our control: the appearance of the marketing property to be applied, the price to be determined, among others.

Factors beyond our control: the location of the property, the determined square meters, the size of the land, the quantity or type of rooms, the facilities that are in place. It is important to accept the factors beyond our control and focus on the appearance of the property or on simple improvements that can be made to determine a better price.

What price should I put on my house?

Defining the price of your property correctly is crucial. We know that you want to sell your property in a timely manner at the highest possible price. However, market conditions will determine the value. When we list your property we will achieve a maximum sale price within a reasonable period of time. WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO LOWER THE PRICE OF YOUR PROPERTY.

Other Services:

Determination of the best price of your property to place it in the market. Suggestions so that your property is in the best conditions of sale Development of strategy to show your property. Periodic review of progress and progress with you. Presentation of all offers with promptness and help to evaluate each one. Verification of the evaluation process and approval of the purchase loan. Constant monitoring of progress in closing when a contract is accepted. It is our promise to you.

Selling you Property
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We help you sell your property with only 1.9% commission. If we create it! you will not have to pay us 6%.
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