If you bought or will buy a house you should know that the properties must pay their taxes every year.

What’s the property tax?

 Property taxes is the oldest major revenue source for state and local governments. Beginning of the twentieth century, this one represented more than eighty percent of state and local tax revenue. Share has diminished over time as states have introduced sales and income taxes.


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Filling up you property taxes. Must be used by corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts that must withhold tax on distributions and other transactions involving U.S. real property interests. You must include the U.S. TIN (Taxpayer Identification Numbers) of both the transferor and transferee on the forms.

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Property Tax Forms

Forms used for reporting and paying to the IRS

Forms Name Caracteristics
Form 8288 U.S. Withholding Tax Return for Dispositions by Foreign Persons of U.S. Real Property Interests
Form 8288-A Statement of Withholding on Dispositions by Foreign Persons of U.S. Real Property Interests

Form 8288-A

Property Tax Forms

Transferees must use Forms 8288 and 8288-A, to notify and pay to the IRS. All withholding taxes on the purchase of U.S. real estate shares. These forms must also be used by corporations, partnerships, estates and trusts that are required to withhold tax. On distributions and other transactions involving U.S. real estate interests. It is necessary to specify the US tax identification number of the transferor and the transferee in the forms.

The deductible agent must prepare a form 8288-A for each person subject to tax deduction. Attach copies A and B of forms 8288-A to form 8288. Keep copy C for your records.

The IRS shall stamp copy B and send it to the person subject to retention. This person must file a U.S. tax return and attach Form 8288-A. To receive a withholding tax credit.

ATTENTION: A stamped copy of Form 8288-A will not be made available to the sender if the sender’s identification number is not included.

In this case, in order to obtain the credit of the amount withdrawn. The seller must attach a substantial withholding tax declaration and a declaration containing all the information required in forms 8288 and 8288A, including the tax code of the selling company.


 Form 8288

The tax deduction on the purchase of a US investment property by a foreign person is recorded and paid using Form 8288. Form 8288 also serves as a form for the submission of copies A and B of Form 8288-A. Declaration of Retention on U.S. Real Estate Provisions by Foreign Persons. Form 8288 must, as a general rule, be sent no later than the 20th day following the date of transfer.

The application to the IRS under Form 8288-B. Application for a withholding tax certificate for the sale of US real estate interests by foreigners. This is made before or on the date of the transfer and the application. Is still pending with the IRS at the time of transfer. The correct withholding tax shall be withheld, but shall not be notified and paid immediately. The amount withheld must be communicated and paid within 20 days of the day on which the IRS sends a copy of the withholding certificate.

If the main purpose of an application for a withholding tax declaration is to delay the payment of the tax deduction to the IRS. The transferee will be charged interest and penalties. Interest and penalties shall be calculated from the 21st day after the transfer and shall end on the day of payment.


Declaration of Restrictions on the Transfer of Real Property Rights of Foreigners

Partnerships holding interests in U.S. real estate. Disclosure and payment of withholding tax are made as described in the section Communication and payment of withholding tax for partnerships.


Application for a reduction in the rate of withholding tax

Upon presentation and acceptance of Form 8288-B. Application for Transfer Certificate for Arrangements by Foreign Persons of US Real Estate Interests. A reduced withholding tax may be granted. See the Application Format section for more information.


Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN) Request

Treasury Decision 9082 (Since November 4th, 2003) requires all foreign purchasers and purchasers of US real estate to provide their names and addresses. For source declarations, disallowances or elections under IRC 897(i) in the event of a sale of a US real estate interest.

If the sender sends forms 8288 and 8288-A to the IRS for processing but does not specify a TIN code on the forms and does not attach a W-7 ITIN request form. The IRS will process the forms but will not give or send the 8288-A “Copy B” form to the foreign sender. Instead, the IRS will send the letter 3794 SC/CG to the foreign contact person and will ask him to request an ITIN by filling in form W-7.


Tax on Property Sale:

Property Tax Form 1099-S

In general, the real estate agent or any other person responsible for completing the transaction must report the sale of the property. To the IRS using Form 1099-S.


How Property Taxes Work?

Property tax applied to two kinds of property:

  • Real property, which includes land and buildings, and personal property.
  • The second includes moveable items such as cars, boats, and the value of stocks and bonds. Most states have moved away from taxing personal property and now impose taxes primarily on real property.


Claiming you Property Taxes on you Tax Return?

The property tax is rooted largely in the “benefits principle” of taxation. Under this view the property tax essentially functions as a user charge on local residents for the benefits. They receive from the local policies funded by property taxes. These policies benefit local residents directly in the form of better schools, fire protection and indirectly in the form of increased housing values.


Why make you Property Tax?

Also helps differentiate between families of very different means by taxing families with large quantities of wealth more heavily than those without such reserves. But the impact that property taxes can have on low-income families, and particularly the elderly, makes clear that the linkage of the property tax to the ability to pay principle is far from perfect.

 Fund are used for:

Moreover, the stability and enforceability of the property tax make it among the best options available for providing local governments with a predictable revenue stream that can be used to fund indispensable services like schools, roads, and public safety.

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