Have you been selling your property for a long time? If the answer is YES, do not worry. We are here to help you.

  1. Do not pay high commissions. Listing your home for only 1.9% on MLS and all real estate online platforms.
  2. Sell you property fast and at the best price.


📢 An example of how it benefits you to sell your house with us:

$400,000 × 1,9%  = $7,600 (Save $16,400).


🛑 We know that the causes that you take to sell your property without the help of a realtor are the following:

  1. You bought your property at a higher value than the current market price.
  2. You made expensive repairs to your home.

(Watching the video below that just takes 2 minutes and you will get benefits).

More benefits at the end of this post 💵💥


Above video we show you another example of a property that is selling for $ 300,000.

  • Regularly FOR SALE BY OWNERS pay 3% commission, if a realtor brings you a buyer.

3% × $300,000=$9000 (Other Realtors)

1.9% × $300,000=$5700 (With me)

You SAVE=$3,300 (for you next vacation or gifts for you family).


We only have one problem, everyone sees it as a problem but I will show you that this is rather a benefit because your house sells faster.

Your home listed on the MLS, other realtor can bring you a buyer. We must pay to the realtor 2.5% commission.


2.5% × $300,000= $7500 – $3300(you Saved with me)  = $4200

  • YOU NEVER WILL LOSE A PENNY WITH ME. We will add $ 4200 on the value of your property.

So, we will sell you home for $ 304,200

  • $ 4200 over $ 300,000 . It no has difference, is a similar price.

Benefits selling your home with me(Realtor) vs Benefits FSBO

With me:

  1. Your home will increase the visibility of potential buyers by more than 65%. Your property is on online platforms where this one only have a visual range of 10% to 15% of potential buyers. We work with the MLS and all Real Estate website. (The real estate agents don’t are showing you home to their clients. We do not show properties if it is not on the MLS).
  2. If I bring you the buyer, you were saving $3,300 + $ 4,200, this one we added to the value of your Property = $ 7500 (This extra money you can enjoy).
  3. Help from professionals(Realtor, Broker, Mortgage Lender and Title Company).
  4. Save time for you family or work(Every time an interested buyer wants to see your Property, you must schedule an appointment and waste time without your family or other responsibilities). I will show this one to the clients.

For Sale for you:

  1. Sell your home for only $300,000
  2. No intermediaries
  3. Save the commission $5700


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What does FSBO mean in real estate?


FSBO is a real estate term that means “for sale by the owner” and means that the owner of the property is the person who is selling the house, that don’t have the representation of a real estate broker.

Advantages: By not using a real estate agent, the owner (FSBO) expects to save more money by taking on the responsibilities of selling his home and saving on the cost of the commission, but the delay may be double or in some cases not sell the property and then turn to an expert.


If you are not determined to have a real estate agent help you and decide to continue selling FSBO.


Where you could buy For Sale by Owner Signs?

The answer is homedepot, from $19.99.


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For Sale by Owner in Miami. Have you been selling your property for a long time? If the answer is YES, do not worry. We are here to help you(Watch the video)


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