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Real Estate Market

Do you want to know the real estate market of Miami? With us you will know the most current trends and statistics.


Average houses for sale

  • Number of homes, condos and apartments: 18467
  • Average properties listed

Housing price growth

  • Average selling price in 2020 is $365,000
  • Average property price

Properties value by sq.ft

  • Average price per sq.ft: $248
  • Average price of square feet

How long do Miami houses stay in the market?

The average of the properties for sale stay in the market for 122 days and received an offer of 15 to 35 days.

Are you an investor?

Buying a duplex house is always a good investment. We can help you find one for sale in Miami’s long inventory of properties. Saving money for you is our priority!

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Send us a message and we help you find the property you are looking for, we have the listing price of Miami houses, we just need to know the characteristics. Our services are free for you (This one is paid by the seller) and we will guide you through the purchase process.

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People also ask

1- Will house prices go down in Miami?

Miami Dade is the second most populous city in the state of Florida. “Miami home values have gone up 1.7% over the past year and the experts predicts they will fall -2.1% within the next year.”

2- Will there be a housing crash in 2022?

The forecast is that the price will fall about 6% in 2022 due to the past Coronavirus crisis. The changes will begin to see after October or early December.

3- Is Miami real estate overpriced?

Prices are somewhat inflated in Miami reaching their highest level in the last 10 years of about 20%. But this is also due to the increased development of the city and many people are moving because of how attractive the climate is for workers online who are working from home.


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